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First Aid   First Aid Kit                           

First Aid Kit
What Your First Aid Kit Should Consist Of
There are ready made first aid kits available in chemists and large department 
stores, but some people like to make up their own kits, so with this in mind, we 
have put together some items you might like to include in your first-aid kit.

Every office, factory, home and school should have an accessible first-aid box with
following recommended basic contents:
1. First Aid Book
Clearly explains how to handle basic problems.

2. Band-aids (Plasters)
Band aids or sticky plasters are great for dressing small wounds. They come in all shapes and sizes for fingers, legs, and anywhere else you might get little cuts.
Make sure the Band aid is big enough to cover the wound, if not you should use a dressing instead

3. Elastic Bandages
The elastic bandages are good for wrapping sprained joints or making a sling in the case of a broken arm.
4. Gauze and Adhesive Tape
Gauze pads or roll are cloth pads that are placed directly on a wound to protect and control bleeding (for larger cuts and scrapes).
You will need adhesive tape to keep the gauze in place.
In an emergency, a clean tea cloth, hand towel, clean tee-shirt can be used to cover the wound.

5. Antiseptic Wipes (Alcohol Swaps) and Cotton Wool

6. Safety Pins and Tweezer
safety pin
7. Scissors
A pair of scissors is needed to cut the tape and gauze.
8. Small Mirror and Latex Gloves
Latex gloves are always a good idea, especially if you are dealing with body fluids from a stranger.
9. Calamine Lotion
Calamine lotion is used for soothing sunburns and stings.
10. Clinical Thermometer
11. Analgesic Tablets
Such as aspirin or paracetamol